OGRE 1-7-3 + DirectX 11 Rendering System

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OGRE 1-7-3 + DirectX 11 Rendering System

Post by xTiming » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:04 pm

Hi guys,

I'm trying to setup DirectX 11 Rendering System in OGRE 1.7.3 and I've been having problems with an exception that I can't seem to fix. The exception is as follows:

OGRE EXCEPTION(3:RenderingAPIException): D3D11 device cannot map 1D texture
Error Description:ID3D11DeviceContext::Map: Map cannot be called with MAP_WRITE_DISCARD access, because the Resource was not created with the D3D11_CPU_ACCESS_WRITE flag.
in D3D11HardwarePixelBuffer::lockImpl at ..\..\ogre_src_v1-7-3\RenderSystems\Direct3D11\src\OgreD3D11HardwarePixelBuffer.cpp (line 148)

This occurs just as I started up the application right before it starts loading resources (or during?) I was wondering if this is because DirectX 11 simply does not work with Ogre 1.7.3 or is there something that I have done wrong to cause this error? I recompiled OGRE from source with any necessary plugins and with D3D9 and D3D11 included. DirectX 9 works fine and the application runs as normal.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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