Using Openframeworks & Ogre Together

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Using Openframeworks & Ogre Together

Postby nerodust » Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:49 pm

First off, I am new to Ogre.
I am working on a project for an art class and initially I was going to do it all in OpenFrameworks but I find that the 3d modeling/rendering included doesn't meet my needs.
The project is using ARToolkitplus, an add-on someone made as a part of openframeworks:
really what I am looking for is using ARToolkit to present different digital works, not just 3d models, both on computers and smartphones.
I have found some other people who have done something similar to what I am looking for but in a different way: ... th-ogre3d/
I want to use openframeworks for the sake of ease of use when adding other media, video, images etc and it being somewhat contained.
The first example used openframeworks I guess, but really only to capture video and then feed it into the ARToolkit which was put into OGRE. I'd rather avoid having to use that method and just have openframeworks and ogre work together.
I suppose my question is how to go about this, I looked at the code provided by the visual experiments link but its a bit old, I'm using OF007 and OGRE 1.7.4 as compared to OF006 and OGRE 1.7.0.
I have a working ogre sample on both a Mac and PC and was able to get everything working after following the setting up an application tutorial etc...
What I need to know is what needs to be fed to ogre and where, it seems the camera would need to be given coordinates from the ARToolkit add-on as well as the coordinates for the model.
Any advice would be great. =)
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