Need to Create a 3-Storey House in Blender

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Need to Create a 3-Storey House in Blender

Post by rohitchauhan802 » Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:32 am

I Need to Create a 3-Storey House in Blender and then show it in OGRE ( For an Architectural Walkthrough ) .
I previously created something like this with DeleD Pro using CSG , applied Textures and exported to OGRE .mesh Format and everything was fine .
But , With Blender do I have to UV Map whole building ( All Interior Walls and Ceilings etc ) . Cant I just Apply say Roof-Texture to 2 Polygons of Roof and then Wall-Texture to 4 Walls Polygons and then ...
I cant UV Map the whole Building I mean , Its impractical I think . I can UV Map a Chair , a Human Model but not a Whole building which can contain INSIDE-OUT two Surfaces , one for interior and one for exterior .

I have managed to do it somewhat using Create New UV Texture Layer for each Texture , but it doesnt gets applied to Selected Polygons Faces , It gets appliedto Whole Mesh ( Building in this Case )
Any help or Hint would be helpful , If someone already managed to do it .

Thanks for your Time

EDIT - Ok , I found out that OGRE uses Texture Splatting to apply multiple-textures on a Mesh ( say the 3-Storey Building Here ) (Maybe I am wrong ). Blender apparently has no way to ((((atleast conveniently)))) do it . But , Since Blender Modelling tools are really Advanced fast and usable compared to DeleD (((for me atleast))) , I need to use Blender for making the Building anyways . So , What I did for an experiment , Made a Mesh in Blender ( a house ) exported .obj with default options . Now I open DeleD and import .obj . Apply all sort of different textures to differnet faces of house . Now , In DeleD I export into OGRE .mesh format with scale value of 20 .
Open , house.mesh in OGRE . Everything looks perfect in OGRE , Cheers !

I think I am getting best of both worlds . Blender for Modelling tools ( which i think i have mastered really good ) and DeleD for Applying Textures ( maybe Lightmaps later ) .
BTW , I am using Blender 2.49b and DeleD Pro 2.1 and checked the Mesh in OgreMax WinViewer
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Re: Need to Create a 3-Storey House in Blender

Post by jacmoe » Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:01 am

It's been a long time since I used Blender, but I think you can select faces (in face select mode) and then go into UV mode and apply a UV-set to the selection. :)
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