Ogre and Codeblocks Licensing

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Ogre and Codeblocks Licensing

Post by BlueHazzard »

I am part of the codeblocks dev team and would like to update the project wizard to create ogre projects within codeblocks.
For this i would like to include minimal code from https://github.com/OGRECave/ogre/tree/m ... /Tutorials to use as a start for the project.
I also would like to update the logos ecc.
Is all work of ogre (art and code) licensed under MIT ?
Are there any objections that we ship the example code and some art (Ogre Logo) with the next codeblocks release?


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Re: Ogre and Codeblocks Licensing

Post by paroj »

yes, all code is MIT and the the logo is CC-BY, see: https://github.com/OGRECave/ogre/blob/m ... License.md

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Re: Ogre and Codeblocks Licensing

Post by Kojack »

I'm a little late to the thread, but just to make sure:
BlueHazzard wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:57 pm
Is all work of ogre (art and code) licensed under MIT ?
If by "art" you also mean the models and textures in the media folder, those are not necessarily MIT. They were gathered from various sources and attribution for some were lost.
For example: the Ogre license file says:
Matt Anderson at www.The3dStudio.com who kindly gave permission for the use of some textures. These textures are used with permission of www.The3dStudio.com and may not be re-distributed, sold, or given away except in the form of rendered images, animations, or real time 3D applications when credit is given to www.The3dStudio.com.
but nobody knows which textures those are.

I can say with absolute certainty that the cube, barrel and two geosphere meshes are public domain, because I made them back in 2009. :D
The ninja and robot meshes are safe too, Psionic licensed them as "FREE to use however you like in commercial, shareware or demo's whatever, I would like some credits if possible :)"

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