Is Ogre for me?

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Is Ogre for me?

Post by konrad236 »

I've been programing for 8 years in C, and just recently began to learn C++. I have decided I want to design a 3rd person RPG. I have never used any 3d graphics before, and and willing to spend the time to learn a new library. My question is, should I try OGRE, or is there a better suited library for me?

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Post by Kencho »

For graphics, yes. Of course, you'll need to learn other libraries for sound, physics... but Ogre is really easy and fun. Also, it's very well suited for any kind of game or even applications.

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Post by Raven »

Ogre is very useful for game development for the following reasons:
1. It is cross-platform
2. It is fast
3. It is free

For making games I like the following setup:
OGRE for rendering
OpenAL for sound
ODE for physics (using OgreODE)
CEGUI for GUI and Overlays
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Post by alphageek »

Yes, Ogre is for you. It's the best OSS rendering library, and you can learn a lot about good design and good C++ from it, too.

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