Reading .dbf files

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Reading .dbf files

Post by TobascoSpam »

This is completely unrelated to Ogre in every way, but there are so many experienced programers here that I thought I'd ask. I'm building a webpage for a very computer illiterate person for their business. Anyway, I need to write a program that can read .dbf files and then convert them into a webpage. I can easily get a program to write some .html file, but I don't know anything about reading .dbf files. Does anyone know of some open-source libraries, articles, anything that would help me figure out how to read these files? I haven't found what I'm looking for on the web yet, but I'm getting closer.

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Post by Kentamanos »

No experience with .DBF files, but this site has a good reference for all sorts of file formats (and I saw DBF in the list):

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