A quick question about scene types

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A quick question about scene types

Post by lucasite »


ok, here's a hypothetical situation in a space game.

At the touch of a key:
You should be able to view your space ship from a 3rd person view flying around
Be at the helm, flying the ship around ( Im guessing an overlay style)
Be able to walk around inside the ship, controlling your character.

All this needs to be fluid.

So what scene should you use?
External surely, because you're in a wide open enviroment, IE: space with other objects
Or should it be internal, because you can roam around inside your ship.

Do I use the ST_Generic or Exterior? Or is it multiple scenemanagers which I think was referenced in the tutorials.

Is there a wiki for this style of scenario?

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Post by Kencho »

I would use the Octree scene manager (ST_GENERIC), as there is no specific spatial partition information (like BSP). I wouldn't use the EXTERIOR_FAR, as I don't see why terrain rendering would be useful here :P
Also, you can do some tricks like hide the outer scene when inside of the ship (or render a very low detailed version of it...). For anything you don't see mandatory to be rendered, remove it. I can't guess a better way now (already implemented in Ogre, of course :) You could try your own portal implementation by yourself, but I'm afraid you won't ever consider that possibility ;))

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Post by jwatte »

If it's space, you need nothing more than the OCTREE scene manager. That would be ST_GENERIC. Unless your space ship is like the Andromeda Ascendant and has 50 levels, all looking like sewers and tunnels, that is :-)

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