terrain rendering

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terrain rendering

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I was browsing the Ogre demos and noticed that the terrain (and nature) demo support only two (basic and detail) texture on the terrain hightmap. The basic texture is streched accross the tearain while the detail texture is tiled... This is not sufficient for rendering and presentation of realistic terraind..
Is there a way to have different patches with different textures like having a rocks on a hill and gras on another hill... or what about using brushes for details like all of the game renderign engines support...
What is the most convinient way of placing objects on the terrain (buildings, trees etc...) and perhaps without using ray queries programatically...


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http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic. ... &start=175

Find the post "a new demo of the map editor here".

And use the search on the forums please, this has been discussed roughly 1 million, 456 thousand, 239 times.

240 now ;-)


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