Rendering 3d meshses

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Rendering 3d meshses

Post by ji_man »

Hello, I'm a student of Computers Engineering in Spain and I'm trying to do a simple engine with a friend for the sake of learning.
I'm trying to implement right now how to read a mesh into memory and how to render it (without an scene graph for now)

What I would like to know is a reference on an algorithm or the way it is usually rendered a mesh into the screen. I don't know how to start.

Which data structures should keep the vertices, edges and polygons?

I saw an explicit way to do it, keeping a list of vertices, and then a list of edges (pointers to pairs of vertexes) and polygons are a list of 3 vertexes each. But is that really a linked list structure? Should I use a graph to load a mesh and code connections between edges? Some advice, please. I'm really lost. :-(

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Post by osolizig »

You should load the mesh and then create buffers for that mesh. I suggest you using SimpleRenderable class (just derive your mesh type from it).

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class XXXEntity : public Ogre::SimpleRenderable
Then you should provide load function that you will maybe call manual for now (later, you can create your own mesh type manager). Be sure to put data in right format and to supply everything needed.
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