I still can't get it

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I still can't get it

Post by gardon »

OGRE looks and seems great, when I use the executables that come with the demos package.

However, I can't compile anything.

For example, I'm trying to compile the shadows demo, but I need to include the header/include files. Everything branches off to another thing, so I said the hell with it and included every include file I downloaded from the source package (from ogre3d.org) and still nothing. I've done batch builds and everything, but I still cant compile anything or run the compiled progs from my compiler.

Also, it said 54 builds succeeded, 0 warning, 0 skipped after I build all the scripts from the solution project that comes with the download. I still can't use anything.

Is there any way someone could walk me through some of this, or perhaps show me how to make a small project using ogre and compiling it.

There's only so many hours I can spend on this before asking desperately for help.

Thanks again,


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Post by spookyboo »

Which compiler are you using?

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Post by jacmoe »

You posted the exact same question in two threads (only 4 minutes apart) in two forums.

Please lock one of these threads - preferably this one.
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Post by DWORD »

Please don't cross-post. I've locked this thread, follow-up to: