mesh jointed Vs Skeleton

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mesh jointed Vs Skeleton

Post by tenor1 »

I would like Know which are advantage and inconvenients from both methods. for exmaple if i wish do a human body or a robot, etc...

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Post by sinbad »

Joints are another name for bone, which is the same as skeletal animation. If you mean morph / shape / vertex animation versus skeletal animation, the following applies:

Morph Animation
pros: simple, can represent any deformation
cons: takes a lot of memory for larger meshes, multiple animations don't blend well and you generally can't do accurate lighting without performing an expensive slerp or nlerp per normal on each vertex.

Skeletal animation
pros: efficient, software update is cheap and deformation can be done in hardware easily, blending between animation is very flexible, memory efficient, bones can be used as 'tag points' for attaching objects.
cons: more complex, not as easy to do some unusual blob-like animations (but most creature animation fits it fine)

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Post by SuprChikn »

Plus the current version of Ogre doesnt support morph animations.

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... but the next one will!

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