Which GUI works on the iPhone with Ogre?

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Which GUI works on the iPhone with Ogre?

Post by Nefbrethilion »

The title says it all: I'm currently looking for a GUI system working with the iPhone port. Does anybody have experience with that?

I was also wondering, can I just use CEGUI with the OgreRenderer without any problems? Since the OgreRenderer will use OpenGLES, CEGUI will also use OpenGLES and thus, not need any special tweaks. Is this true?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Which GUI works on the iPhone with Ogre?

Post by Duffy »

Hey there,

since we are currently developing a game on the iPhone and already passed the point of no return I try to sum up our experiences with the different GUI systems.
At first we wanted to use CEGUI, but we had several problems.
Regardless of the large size and tons of functionality ull never use on a mobile device which are all potential error sources, we couldn't get it to compile for the arm6 architecture.

Later we tried QuickGUI which compiled fine and even ran on the simulator, but failed on the live device.
At the moment QuickGUI uses non power of two example textures which result in strange viewport distortions, if you cut them out and replace them with your own you should be laughing.

On the live device we get EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION/ACCESS exceptions when registering the script reader.
I have no clue what the scriptreader does when it gets initialized, but I guess it tries to access the working dir.
If you look through masterfalcons code of the Ogre iPhone port ull notice, that you need to forward the "current invalid" working dir to the correct app folder manually.
Since you cannot access the directories outside your app on the phone a wrong working dir could be the cause for this crash.

Since we are on a tight schedule for this game is also a university project and needs to finished soon, we decided to go with Ogre's overlay system. It's rather simple, but it's enough to display a picture and four buttons ;)

To sum things up ....

CEGUI ... doesn't compile, perhaps you have more luck/skill ;)
QuickGUI ... has some issues to be resolved, but looks most promising.
MyGUI ... no clue, never tried.

Theres also a GUI framework which definitively runs on the iPhone, since there are already apps in the AppStore using it, called Clutter.
Unfortunetely theres no "ogre renderer" so you'll need to use OpenGL ES more or less directly.
I'm not sure but it should suffice rendering the GUI after the Ogre scene.
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Re: Which GUI works on the iPhone with Ogre?

Post by warmi »

Clutter is LGPL so unless you are going to release your entire app under GPL you are out of luck.
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Re: Which GUI works on the iPhone with Ogre?

Post by KungFooMasta »

The next version of QuickGUI has rendering abstracted. In my current use of the library (in development) I'm using the Ogre Overlay system as part of the underlying rendering process. I think if the derived RenderTexture class worked with power of 2 textures, it could work. Although I'm still a ways off from release.. I forgot how much code has to come together to form a usable and well rounded GUI library. :mrgreen:
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