Ogre script file syntax higlighting for TextPad

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the Dude
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Ogre script file syntax higlighting for TextPad

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sience textpad supports syntaxhighlighting, i've wrote a simple file to highlight all OgreRelated keywords by looking up the Expamle files, i only had time to take a quick look i didn't find really much. does anyone know in wich files or on a link with more information on ogre related scripting.
the TextPad(c) editor is available:

thnx, ( sorry i'm at work for the next serval hours and hope i'll get some inspiration or good advice till i get home to my projectfile )

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Post by jwace81 »

You can look through the Scripts page in the manual (link)

That has all the information about the scripts and what each of the options are for each of the different scripts.


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Could I trouble you to cough up the syntax highlighting files? :)

I use textpad as well.
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Post by Chris_with_a_Gun »

Does anyone know of a basic wordfile for UltraEdit to enable basic syntax highlighting?

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Post by skullfire »

hmm..... textpad.. i might retake this for.. mm.. material files? and perhaps other ones.. might be very useful

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You hit the wrong link - search for 'textpad' again - someone did actually 'release' some syntax files. :wink:
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Post by ahmedali »

I downloded from here

Seems to work 8)

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OGRE (1.0.1) syntax for VIM (6.3)

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*edit* Moved to wiki
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Post by SuprChikn »

Sounds cool. Can you tell me how to add this to my VIM? (I'm using gVim, but I dont think that makes much difference to getting this working..)

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Post by Feral »

Eesh that post was massive. And given it really should have been in it’s own spot, I thought a wiki page would be better.

The wiki entry should explain how to use it, but to answer your question SuprChikn…

All that needs to be done is source it (see wiki) and make sure there are highlight definitions to feralClass and such like; I’ll elaborate on that if wanted/needed.

Ahh I see that a lot of the highlighting needs tweaking really :\
FeralMacro, feralClassStaticConst’s definition needs to be defaulted and so on. I’ll have to come back to this. Feel free to pm with any questions. Have to run.

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