Exporting problem (transparency)?

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Exporting problem (transparency)?

Post by Gf11speed »

I am trying to create a low polygon tree model in 3D Studio Max. I have created a plane and put a tree texture on it and made the plane transparent so you only see the tree texture (sorry for the terrible description, I'm not a graphics artist). Anyways... it renders perfectly in 3D Studio Max, with the plane transparent where you can see the tree texture, but when I export it, it's all messed up.

I can export other models just fine, it's just when I do this I have problems. Anyone know what's going on, or even what I'm talking about?? :)
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Post by Falagard »

What kind of texture is the tree texture, is it a .tga with an alpha channel?

What do you mean by making the plane transparent?

You should be using a targa (.tga) image with the alpha channel having black where it should be transparent, and white where it should be opaque.

I believe you have to assign this texture to both the diffuse and opacity maps in the max material, and then assign it to your plane. I'm not sure what you mean by making the plane transparent. Just assign the material to the plane.

When you export it, a .material file should be created.

Have you ever exported a mesh before that had transparency? If so, what are you doing different now?

Try the octopus exporter that is mentioned on the main Ogre page - it's the best exporter so far.


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Post by Banania »

What do you mean by : "It's all messed up"

What is happening exactly ?

The opacity map won't be exported. You're gonna have to write your material script if you wanna use an opacity map different from the diffuse map.

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