OGRE mesh xml file question

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OGRE mesh xml file question

Post by Bill »

Is there a problem with having submeshes within a mesh share the same points? Points that would build the same polygons.

I ask because clusters of an object in XSI can overlap. And each cluster can have its own material. Thus the material wouldn't cover the whole image. Since I'm pretty sure you don't allow nulls for the uv texcoords, then the only way to define the textures is through overlapping submeshes.

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Post by sinbad »

You'll get depth-fighting if you have 2 submeshes with the same polys. I had this exact problem when I was trying to separate clusters into submeshes and hit problems navigating the XSI data model to match up the cluster faces with the 'total' faces so that I could remove them from the main. I ran out of time and it's on my list to get back to.

So I think submeshes should be one submesh for faces from the main polygon mesh minus any faces which are in any of the clusters with dedicated material assignments, plus one submesh for each cluster with a dedicated material assignment.

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