I'm searching an Alphaworlds / Activewords similar projects

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I'm searching an Alphaworlds / Activewords similar projects

Post by Clodo »

Nobody know 'AlphaWorld'? http://www.activeworlds.com
It's a 3d worlds where every registered users can add some entity in a persistent worlds, and with scripts is possible to create mini-games (like chess) inside.
But it's a quite old, big lag problem, render engine very low-powerful, and no real physics engine.

Exists another worlds/engine like that (opensource?)

Nobody already started a projects like that with Ogre?
where every users can build own house, share mesh/material/script etc.., chat (+voice) directy with avatars, interactivity with lua script etc..., note: not a mmorpg, but a more general-purpose engine..
I know is a very big big work (custom scene-manager, networking, streaming etc..) but if many many people are interested to collaborate... i'm too much optimistic?

Sorry for my english, i'm waiting comments... thanks!

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Post by Azatoth »

Worldforge is working on something similiar. (http://www.worldforge.org)
I've working on the Ember client, which uses ogre. http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/clients/ember
The page for ember haven't been updated in a while though, for more recent screens see http://purple.worldforge.org/~erik/embe ... s/?C=M;O=D

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Post by Mawen »

This project aims to build a virtual world and may be of interest you:


It's not based on Ogre, but on Crystal Space (*gasp* but we're all friends, right?) :)

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Post by antont »

VOS is not really based on crystal space, it is just used for their 3d app (Ter'Angreal). I think one reason for choosing CS for them was the software rendering support (for machines with no gfx cards or something). Also the project is pretty old so Ogre was probably not that much around back then.

But if you like the project, and I guess that means mainly the VOP protocol and the VOS C++ class library for distributed computing / virtual worlds, and their abstract 3d layer (A3DL), feel free to implement a client that uses Ogre.. (either in C++ or Python, for which both have bindings now).

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