Question about posertools

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Question about posertools

Post by marco.c »

Hi everybody.

I need to compile posertools V00-02 but there must be some problems with my VC++ settings.
When I try to build the solution, many errors come out. It seems that the compiler can't retrieve the Ogre classes. I checked the headers and libraries directories, and they look ok.
I was wondering if some of you has had the same problem.

Some further details:
I open the Ogre solution and look in a source file for a class name (String for instance). Then I go to the class definition right clicking on the class name.
It lists four header file (in the Resolve Ambiguity window). One of them (the right one) is in the Ogre namespace. By contrast, when I do the same within the posertools solution, it only lists three files.

Ogre 1.15.1 is installed in E:\Ogre\ogrenew\, while the posertools is deployed in E:\Ogre\ogreaddons\
I use Visual C++ .NET 7.1

I think there must be an error in the project's or compiler's settings that prevents VC from finding the Ogre classes. It doesn't load the overloaded operators when it needs to convert Ogre objects.
If you need any further detail, let me know.


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Post by sinbad »

All the ogreaddons are community projects, and not all of them are up to date. The Poser tools haven't been updated in a fair while so I would expect they need some updating to get them in sync with the latest release.

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