Printable Version of the Manual

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Printable Version of the Manual

Post by TheRavenNevermore »

Hallo there,

As i crawled through the web, on the search for a solid and 'open' 3dengine to use, I finally found the Ogre Engine, and I was very impressed.

What You Guys are doing here, is really great.

However I was missing something, for I am one of these, who like paper for reading, and i wondered, if there would be a pdf of dvi version of the manual, to download and print, for I have not seen anything like that on the site.

As I could see, the online manual is created, using Texi2Html, so i suggest, You used (La)TeX to create the manual.
Would it be possilbe, to come up with a printable version. In case You used LaTeX, this shouldn't be such a problem.


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Post by sinbad »

I'm sure it's doable, it's just not been done so far - as you say, in theory a LAtEx version should be possible although I'm pretty sure it'll require some tweaking to get it to look good. You can have a go yourself if you're familiar with LAtEx (I'm not, particularly), the source is in ogrenew/docs/src/manual.texi and it's includes.

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