Multy UV Images with Blender?

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Multy UV Images with Blender?

Post by Hoorah »

Recently I have been playing around in Blender's UV/Image Editor.
Now to the point.
In the UV Face Select, I can select some faces of my model (say half) then in the UV/Image Editor, I can click Image>Open, and assign an Image to THAT PART OF THE MODEL!
The same goes for the other half.
So I can have two different Images on the same model/object using just one UV Co-ord.

The only drawback is that it can be seen in the 3D View Port (Textured Shading ON), and rendered if the TexFace button is pressed.
I can also see the Alpha Channel if the Alpha Button is applyed (ButtonsWindow>Edit>Texture Face[Only available when in UVFace Select mode])

My question is, how can this be applyed to OGRE?

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Post by IoN_PuLse »

Have you tried exporting it and seeing what you get?

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Re: Multy UV Images with Blender?

Post by reimpell »

Hoorah wrote:My question is, how can this be applyed to OGRE?
There are three ways to do so:
  1. If you want to mimic the game engine material (what you see if you press "p" while in textured shading mode) use the "Game Engine Materials" export option.
  2. If you want the exported materials more like in Blender's rendering result, use the "TexFace" material option and export with "Game Engine Materials" unchecked.
  3. You can also use Blender's "UV/Image Editor" to define the uv coordinates and use the material texture channels (Map Input: UV, Map To: Col") to assign image textures. This way you can use the MipMap and InterPol image texture options as described here. Export with "Game Engine Materials" unchecked.

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