CSG operations...

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CSG operations...

Post by d00_ape »

Hi. I've searched the forum for CSG topics but no really success.

After my search I understand there is no direct support for boolean operations in the OGRE SDK..?

I see my knowledge in this topic is to low for making my own solution, so I wonder if there is any one out there who could share it’s experience in the “advanced” math example.

By the way. Isn’t CSG operations apart in Open GL, so why not in OGRE?
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Post by Lee04 »


CSG is used by level editors to implemennt brushes for making levels etc.

There is a product that is free for use as long as you don't make money on what you do. It's called Hoops. It's a commersial software SDK for grafik operations and CSG is included.

Google for Hoops.

All I know is that CSG uses BSP.

Good luck tell us what you find.



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Post by monster »

I don't think CSG is actually a "part of" OpenGL. But a random Google turned up these interesting pages;


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