Found a bug in Root::_fireFrameEnded

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Found a bug in Root::_fireFrameEnded

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As described in topic there is a bug in Root::_fireFrameEnded, the HardwareBufferManger doesn't release the buffer copies if a frameended returns false, a posible solution might be

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bool Root::_fireFrameEnded(FrameEvent& evt)
  bool res = true;

  // Tell all listeners
  std::set<FrameListener*>::iterator i;
  for (i= mFrameListeners.begin(); i != mFrameListeners.end(); ++i)
    if (!(*i)->frameEnded(evt))
       res = false;

   // Tell buffer manager to free temp buffers used this frame
   if (HardwareBufferManager::getSingletonPtr())

   return res;

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Thank you for finding it, but can you make a patch of it and submit it to the Patch Tracker, please. It might get lost otherwise. :)
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