How can I put text into 3d world ,just like a movable object

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How can I put text into 3d world ,just like a movable object

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Please search!

One option is the MovableText class by cTh.

Which allows you to render _simple_ text you can move around with scene nodes.

Latest version in cvs...

MovableText.h* ... ableText.h
MovableText.cpp* ... leText.cpp

It is part of the DSISceneViewer addon in ogreaddons, though it can be used separately.


Action Farsi
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Nice features, and I have a question..

Why is the MoveableText rendered even if it is not attached to any SceneNode, but it's just created (with "new" command)?

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Are you sure it's rendered if not attached to a scene node? Looking through the source from the links above, I see nothing that should make it render without being attached. :?

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As far as I know, you can't render something that's not attached to a scene node unless you manually pass it to the render system (I'm not sure if it was the render system).

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