Snippet: Rotating without tilting

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Snippet: Rotating without tilting

Post by Occulis »

This assumes 'sn' is your (SceneNode *) and 'mDestination' holds the place your sn is trying to go.

Warning: Only tested with ninja.mesh

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Vector3 vecModifiedDest = mDestination, vecCurrentPosition;

vecCurrentPosition = sn->getPosition();
vecModifiedDest.y = vecCurrentPosition.y;

sn->lookAt( vecModifiedDest, Node::TransformSpace::TS_LOCAL, Vector3::NEGATIVE_UNIT_Z);
If there are better snippets out there, feel free to post them. Hope this helps someone.

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Post by sinbad »

Please post code snippets in the Wiki rather than the forums; tips here will get lost in the deluge of threads over time.

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Post by joshcryer »

Thanks for the cute snippet Occulis, here's a link to the wiki where you can add that one, and more if you like:

Not to bump this thread, but it should die soon enough.

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