Dotsceneoctree + OgreODE = Naive Solution?

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Dotsceneoctree + OgreODE = Naive Solution?

Post by Telamon »

Hey guys,

A friend and I are working on a little ninja game using Ogre. We want to be able to build a basic level in 3ds max (outdoor scene of moderate complexity, maybe something like a villiage), import it into Ogre, and have collision detection and (maybe) physics just work.

Will something naive, like tying dotsceneoctree and ogreode together (generating trimesh collision geoms from level data as it is loaded in) scale well? I can't use the paging terrain scene manager because my video hardware sucks, so I'm not talking about making an expansively large level, but I'd like to have a good number of meshes in there. Will this bog down ogreode if I'm mainly using it to test collisions between the player and the level geometry?

Lastly, does anyone have code that ties together a physics engine and the dotsceneoctree project? This seems like a pretty common requirement for anyone making a 3d level that a character navigates, so I was a little surprised not to find anything useful in the CVS tree that already does this. But maybe it's not so common after all, or not so generic a thing that it can be generally implemented.

Is the source code for Scootarama available? It looks like they do what I want to learn how to do.

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Post by osolizig »

I think using a big mesh with now specific information (like terrain etc.) would slow down your system too much. Mesh - Mesh collision is very expensive. Also if no collision hierarchy is made, the collision detection is very slow. Considering the mesh represantation, it should work fine (if I understand plugin right), because the scene mesh is split into several meshes, making them easy to discard from rendering pipeline with frustum culling. If you want more roboust collision, you should consider creating the collision representation with boxes or other non-mesh shapes.
Since I am TZE administrator, you can also use that engine. We haven't made real release yet. Contact me for more information (we use NovodeX SDK instead of ODE but this should be no-problem if you are creating non-commercial game).
TZE (The Zeus Engine) administrator, developer

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