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OT: ODE Mesh Sphere collision?

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 9:48 pm
by Carl R
Hi, sorry for asking about another engine, but I know there are good programmers here with ODE experience and the ODE forums seems very slow unfortunately.

I and a friend are doing a school project with a car driving on a terrain.
As long as we were using the simple flat stuff, the car drove fine upon the plane. Now we've switched over to the trimesh ground and the car falls through. Or at least the wheels. It took us some time to figure out it was actually standing on the belly of the chassis going nowhere however we tried to accelerate. We've removed the collision detection for the chassis by discarding it in the near callback so only the wheels (sphere geoms) collide with the grid. The situation as it is now is that with realistic values we can drive a bit and then it falls through the mesh and sometimes hangs upside down in the wheels. (The mesh is completely flat).
With a very light car, we can drive further but the car kind of bounces on the mesh.
Here's a post my friend wrote:
(Please disregard what it says about the wheels being cylinders in the first post)

We are not using callbacks for the trimesh.

Code: Select all

m_idGeom = dCreateTriMesh(World::singleton().GetSpaceID(), idTriMesh, NULL, NULL, NULL);
Is it neccesary to use callbacks to make it work?

If you can bring some light to this mystery we would be very happy.

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 12:02 am
by Carl R
Eeerh... if you are having the same problem as we are. I'm really sorry for you right now; because our simulation just started working and we have no clue whatsoever what made it click...
It works and I can't tell you why.