Axiom or OGRE

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Axiom or OGRE

Post by Chuck » Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:30 am

I understand Axiom is a C# port of OGRE but i was wondering what would be some arguments to use one over the other. I am a beginner/intermediate programmer at C++ and a total newb at C#. But because im developing a game with a friend from school who has more knowledge of C# and wants to use axiom i was wondering if someone could give us a recomendation of what one to use.
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Post by Imperil » Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:44 am

These are not shots directed at Axiom, but some valid concerns that I had when looking at both rendering engines:

1.) Ogre has an amazing community with project leads that have been around since the beginning and have been constantly working on the project and helping others. Axiom's community is quite small and it is a lot harder to find help/fixes.

2.) Axiom has some issues that I found myself. The skeletal animation demo runs at 1850fps for me with Ogre, but 550fps with Axiom. Normally the demos are fairly close in performance but I am guessing this is because Ogre has changed some of the skeleton code but Axiom hasn't updated it yet.

Which leads to...

3.) Axiom is run by a single developer with CVS access. He actually disappeared for about 5 months leaving people in the dark in terms of updates, etc. He did not want people to fork the distro, but also did not fix or update CVS, etc. I am not complaining saying "he should keep updating and fixing code for me", as that is not the point.. but the fact nobody else could have CVS access to actually update and fix the bugs was very stupid imo.

Now I am not saying that Axiom is bad, because the engine is actually quite good.. it is of course a port of Ogre :) I am just pointing out some facts that deterred us from persuing Axiom further.
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