Hardware buffers exception & graphic cards

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Hardware buffers exception & graphic cards

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I develop my project with a GeForce6800. Everything runs OK, I use OpenGL. But when I build and run it on my laptop with a GeForce 4200Go, it crashes when I try to exit to application with the following OgreMemory.log

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[!] A memory allocation unit was corrupt because of an overrun:
[I]   Address (reported):   0EA49440
[I]   Address (actual)  :   0EA49430
[I]   Size (reported)   : 0x0002D62C (  ,185,900 ( 181.54K))
[I]   Size (actual)     : 0x0002D64C (  ,185,932 ( 181.57K))
[I]   Owner             : ogregldefaulthardwarebuffermanager.cpp(33)::Ogre::GLDefaultHardwareVertexBuffer::GL
[I]   Allocation type   : new[]
[I]   Allocation number : 98956
Can it be caused by the hardware/drivers? How can I better analyze the error?
Of course I don't see textures as images. Who would?

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