speed considerations

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speed considerations

Post by mariusz_P »

I wanted to test how fast ogre is while displaying a lot of animated actors. So i used skeletal animation demo with 1000 robots - i must say it looks impressive. And ogre was able to render them with speed of 15 frames. Not bad actually. But I was wandering if it would be possible to make it better? Is this any way to increase speed? I know that renedering a lot of robots has nothing to do with real game or program, where you have also physic, AI, different models, scenery and so on, but I wasjust wandering.

With 2000 robots i got 7-8 frames.
btw: I disabled the animation, and got only 3 frames more - so actual animation does not take a lot of time - with hardware skinning of course :)

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Post by sinbad »

In my experience there's always ways to make things better, but the current implementation does the job and includes a number of optimisations. If there are ways to make it faster, I'd like to hear them from you, since if I knew of any offhand I would have already implemented them ;) The latest optimisation I did was to default the use of normalised lerp instead of full slerp on the rotation interpolation, which adds a few percentage points with no noticeable visual difference in the majority of cases.

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