"FMOD_System_Create " Reference not defined and constat err

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"FMOD_System_Create " Reference not defined and constat err

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Hello everybody.

I am using FMOD and that I downloaded from it page http://www.fmod.org

I make a little program that play sound:

Sound Engine.h

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#include "FMOD/inc/fmod.hpp" //fmod c++ heade

using namespace FMOD;
class SoundEngine{
	bool initSystem(void);
	//FMod Stuff
		System     *system; //handle to FMOD engine
	    Sound      *sound1, *sound2; //sound that will be loaded and played

#endif /* SOUNDENGINE_H_ */

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#include "SoundEngine.h"
bool SoundEngine::initSystem()
	System_Create(&system);// create an instance of the game engine
	system->init(32, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0);// initialise the game engine with 32 channels

	//load sounds
	system->createSound("Media/NoMoreMagic.ogg", 1, 0, &sound1);
	sound1->setMode(FMOD_LOOP_OFF);    /* drumloop.wav has embedded loop points which automatically makes looping turn on, */
										/* so turn it off here.  We could have also just put FMOD_LOOP_OFF in the above CreateSound call. */
	return true;

And I have a folder with the next files: fmod_codec.h, fmod_commons.h, fmod_dsp_effects.h, fmod_dsp.h, fmod_errors.h, fmod_output.h, fmod.h y fmod.hpp

When I compile, I get one error in fmod.hpp, in the line 46:

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inline FMOD_RESULT System_Create(System **system) { return FMOD_System_Create((FMOD_SYSTEM **)system); }
And the error: Reference not defined "FMOD_System_Create"

I am working in Ubuntu and Eclipse.

Anyone knows what problem it is? Is something library not included in the system. I only do the things that I have posted here, anything more, so maybe is some library that I dont put in the correct folder, but I dont know which library can be,

Thanks for your time.

EDITED:I think that I solve the problem. I add the .so to /usr/local/lib and seems that it work. Now I have the error that I have is that the program cant find the FMOD constans like FMOD_HARDWARE, FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, etc.. Anyone know where are the constants?

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Re: "FMOD_System_Create " Reference not defined and constat

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Why don't you ask in FMod community?

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