TianLongBaBu - a MMORPG commercial from China made by Ogre

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TianLongBaBu - a MMORPG commercial from China made by Ogre

Post by buonnguqua »

It is made by Sohu (China) ,is published in China (F2P) and Vietnam-my country (being Close Beta)
its title and scripts,contents based a novel of famous writer in Asia - Luis Cha.
This game is on top 10 MMORPG popular in China and may be will 2nd popular in Vietnam , big MMO

Screenshot from website in Vietnam http://tl.gate.vn/gallery/screenshot/

Why 's Sohu not post any news or screenshot on this forum ? :roll:
They use Ogre ,CEGui , Fmod as dynamic-link
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Post by jacmoe »

Can you show us where?
I tried to navigate the site, but the language is totally alien to me.. :)

<edit>Since you know the language, how about inviting them to showcase it here?</edit>
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Post by ajs15822 »

wow, this is just beautiful; it's exciting to know that this was made with Ogre3D.
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Post by Borundin »

Whoa :)

Looking a bit Everquest Luclin era but still nice...
Image : Image
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Post by Kencho »

Oh, so this is the final result! The teaser shots you posted some time ago looked great, but this is... beautiful!
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Post by sinbad »

Sohu is the company genva works for, I don't know if this is the same game. I know they didn't want to go public about their use of Ogre at this time (I don't know why) but perhaps as a player you've exposed it early.
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Post by vickylh »

Maybe can try:http://tl.sohu.com/
I played this game and get some src,something about lua scripts for ui,some particles,some effect,some models,some texture......
like that:

<moderator> source removed - try tl.sohu.com </moderator>
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Post by flyue »

some times ago I has played this game(TianLongBaBu天龙八部)
I think it is very good.
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Post by Nauk »

just flipped through the screenies, incredibly beautiful. :D
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Post by DemiCanadian »

I'd like to play it as a penguin sage, or whatever it is.
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Post by sisyphus »

I want to be a level 10 Turtleface
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Post by tiny »

yeah,genva as Main Programmer in Sohu, make us chinese and people all over the world amazing. Love Ogre because of Sinbad, it's kindness,persister,etc. Freedom,Open!!!!!
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Post by Wern_Mm »

i see the movie in this game.

how to create the effect (trail?) at the sword when they attack ?

particle ? and then attach to object ?


create model ?
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