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OpenSpace3d Editor

Post by mehdithe »

Hello Ogre users!

I'm working as a developer inside I-maginer a French company based on an OpenSource economic model.
All our solutions are based on the SCOL language and we work on each level to improve SCOL technology.

I-maginer has made an important strategic choice for SCOL Technology. Rather than reinventing the wheel it was better to focus on integrating a new 3D engine incorporating powerful features. We oriented our choice on Ogre 3D Engine. This new plugin is called "SO3Engine". It makes the link between SCOL and Ogre 3d.

These developments are for I-Maginer a prefiguration of its new openSource development platform : OpenSpace3D.
OS3D pic1
OS3D pic1
OS3D2.jpg (23.44 KiB) Viewed 4103 times
OS3D pic2
OS3D pic2
OS3DEditor.jpg (32.73 KiB) Viewed 4103 times
OpenSpace3D Editor Alpha version is the first step of the OpenSpace3D Project (OpenSource and online collaborative Platform for the development of real time and interactive 3D project). This first version of the editor runs as a local and mono user software.
Based on the 3D rendering Engine “Ogre 3D”, OpenSpace3D allows you to create full 3D applications by assembling functions to create interactions. A player is available to distribute created applications: the OpenSpace3d player.
You can download an alpha version of the OpenSpace Editor and have more informations about the project at
Scol Technology Community :
Discover the first development demo produced with OpenSpace3D and exported with OgreMax : a 3D real time car showroom. It introduces some interactives functions. 
Car ShowRoom
Car ShowRoom
Car_ShowRoom.jpg (26.76 KiB) Viewed 4103 times
Soon, OpenSpace3d is about to integrate some new features for the next release :
- Integration of Newton Physics Engine
- Possibility to export applications developed with OpenSpace3d into a web Page
- Particles, Shadow Caster
- ...

The I-maginer developer team wants to thank the Ogre community for its extraordinary work!
Thank you all,

I-maginer Team.

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Re: OpenSpace3d Editor

Post by avalanche_raptor »

Looks amazing so far!! Keep up the good work. :)

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Re: OpenSpace3d Editor

Post by sinbad »

Very nice work!

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Re: OpenSpace3d Editor

Post by jacmoe »

Looks really polished and usable!
Do us a favour and keep us posted. :)
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