Odyssey Train Simulation v1.0 [ Postponed ]

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Odyssey Train Simulation v1.0 [ Postponed ]

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It gives me great pleasure to share the technical demo that I have been developing for almost two years.


Odyssey Version 1.0 is a physics based Train Simulation

The project when initially started was progressing well but the algorithm that I devised for keeping the train on track became computationally expensive (it was devised by me by taking all factors into account and there is no better alternative to it).
The advantage of the algorithm being the train will never derail even when it approaches a 90 degree turn at a full tested top speed of 170KMPH and at the same time I didn’t want to compromise graphics quality, hence I had to postpone the project until I upgraded to better hardware, well I already have an i7 @ 3.5GHz and upgrading my GPU wouldn’t solve the issue either and I had tested that on another high end workstation.
And the sudden jump of Ogre from 1.x to 2.x was not helping either, would have helped performance wise but I had spent far too much time in 1.x and porting the plethora of code I had used to 2.x would almost be a partial rewrite.
So the current status of the project is shelved, it will be revised to TBA when Ogre 2.x is officially released which I am very much looking forward to and of course expecting a leap in CPU/GPU technologies as my algorithm is not suitable on a 4th generation i7 that I own and that is not antique yet, well at least not for another 2-3 years.

I don’t release or even announce unfinished projects, but it will be quite some time before I continue my work on Odyssey Version 1.0.
However you can find Odyssey Version 2.0 on my site which is a fine tuned version of Odyssey 1.0 and I look forward to any comments or suggestions as always.


This is not my last project in the Ogre engine but yes it is my last with Ogre 1.x, time to take advantage of Ogre 2.x and well I have already begun work on my next project with Ogre 2.x

A brief overview of features that I had used/integrated.

Physics based Train and Bogeys.
Ability to join/ detach train and bogeys on the fly.
SkyX / HDR / Dynamic Lighting Support.
Stabilizer algorithm to ensure train and bogeys stay on track whatever the condition.
Attack 3 Joystick / Extreme 3D Pro Joystick / Xbox 360 Gamepad / T.Flight Hotas X support.
Voice Recognition and Response support
VU Meters
LUA Scripting support
GPU Temperature and in game monitoring support.
GPU Warning and automatic game shutdown when temperature exceeds user set maximum temperature.
Networking with Encryption.
Logitech G510s Keyboard support – Game Panel Info (Game stats and CoreTemp - switchable), in game media player and backlit keys react to music or game inputs.
Logitech ARX Support
Face Recognition and Augmented Reality Pattern recognition support.

Tons more it would fill at least 150 pages if I wrote a TDD, but as you can see the project was turning from passion to obsession and I had to halt to devote time to other projects.
The project information will be updated on the Postponed page of my blog and has more detailed information so kindly have a look.

http://daggerproteus.blogspot.com/p/she ... poned.html

And do check out the final video of Odyssey 2.0 on my Youtube channel below as that was my vision for Odyssey 1.0 when I started the project.

Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Stay tuned for more. :D

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