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Project Name: WROFFGame POC

Version: 0.3

Introduction: WROFFGame POC- is "proof of concept" for Game Template, based on Multiplayer technologies, as Local Room tournament, or as MMOG, that hosted globally worldwide. In game process you enter in worldwide server room, and receive control on you player actor. Actor can move, and can be stopped, wen forward meet wall. Avalaible players statistics, and simple text chatting.

A) Test Room miting throught client, worldwine, on CPUS or mobile Devices.
B) Tests geometry collisions.
C) Test controllers matual action.

System Requirements: 1 GB Ram, Graphic Card with DirectX 11 or OpenGL 3.3 minimum.


1) Download WROFFGame POC client distributive. (Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing)
2) Install the client, or extract client from archive.( Notes: A) Client folder patchs, cant contain non latin characte symbols. B) Client not working in Windows from standart Program Files directory).
3-A) Install drivers. Run "install_drivers_.bat" in root the client folder, and follow instructions of installers.
3-B) if you use Windows XP, pun "FOR XP.bat" from the client rood directory.
4) Start game by execution of "client.bat" file from "POC Root/Binaries/Release/" folder.
5) At showing Graphich preferences window, select graphics Renderer and preferences for your monitor and picture quality. (as game window resolution, fullscreen or non fullscreen and so on.)
6) After that you enter in the clients game with players account window.
Choose only your NICKNAME that shown above your client for all on the server. Attention: variant A) creation your nick- cteate independently-controlled actor on the server. variant B) if you enter the server with default NICKNAME (as "0"), server connect your controller to matual servers contrling one actor.
7) After exit, on next enter, simple Run"client.bat" file from "POC Root/Binaries/Release/" folder.

Input keys:
W- move forward.
S- move backward.
A-D rotation for player.
ESC- exit from client game.
SpaceBar- show/hide global chat.
Enter- send message, printed in chat.


Kell Kvist
Owner of WROFF

Birkebakken 26
2840 Holte
m +45 91355628
e kell@wroff.com

Legal: All communication and work between parties of WROFF (parties are, but not limited to, clients and their affiliates and partners, students, freelancers, tutors) must be approved by WROFF. wroff@wroff.com must be CC or BCC on all e-mail communication. All direct and/or indirect payments must go through WROFF and no payments directly between the parties are allowed. No party must use or share contact data without the written approval by WROFF. The above apply when working and or serviced by WROFF and a period of two years after the job has ended. If you are a parent or guardian, you are responsible for your child’s or teenager’s use of WROFF products and services, including purchases. WROFF is not responsible for work, activities nor behavior by freelancers. Our tutoring activities have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your session you must pay the full amount.
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