Mid-project reviews

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Mid-project reviews

Post by sinbad »

Just a quick heads-up on this - we're still waiting for Google to activate the mid-project reviews on the SoC site. It was supposed to be today (well, actually it was supposed to be the 24th, then the 26th, then today ;)) but I see nothing yet.

Once it's online it shouldn't take long to do, they're estimating 15 minutes. Mentors please be poised to do this asap once it appears since it's required for continuation of projects in the programme. As far as I'm aware they haven't moved the deadline for completing them (30th) even though the start date is slipping.

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Post by Crashy »

From the google mailing list
Hello everyone,

Mentor surveys were deployed yesterday evening. We've also extended
the survey completion deadline to July 5th.

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Post by reimpell »

The survey forms are now available and the deadline for completing the surveys is extended to July 5th.

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