Accepted: IK support in Ogre's skeletal animation

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i understand lioric.

I took my time to think about everything that happened. i know I'm the only one to blame here.

i`ll write to Google like discussed with sindbad and work with this project until the final decision is made. i`m gonna have to find a job after negative evaluation, as i need money for the next year, but i decided to take responsibility and work on this project in my free time even when that happens, and try to reach the goals, even if it takes me much more time than lasting of GSoC this way.

i learned a lot and worked with very professional and helpful people, i`m grateful for that. special thanks to my mentor. sorry about things turn out.

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On that note, I think the matter is closed, so I am locking the thread.
Do you need help? What have you tried?


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