The Last Mile

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The Last Mile

Post by sinbad »

We're on the last stretch of the official GSoC project timeline now, the final review process starts next Tuesday (end of play Monday is the end of the programme). All the reviews are due to be finished at the end of August.

This of course doesn't mean it will be the end of work on these projects, provided the projects come out of the review positively we'd love students to carry on being involved in Ogre afterwards, and for others to get on board with the work that has been produced. After the review period, there will be some consolidation time in which, pending any cleanup / adjustment required, we'll look to merge any separate branches into the core and continue to evolve them, and all participants are welcome (indeed, encouraged) to be part of that ongoing process.

Here's hoping everyone has had a good time on GSoC with OGRE this year, and I look forward to working with people again in the future.

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Post by Lioric »

It would be good for all of the participants of the GSOC to take a few moments to complete each of their wiki pages

This is very important in terms of involving the cummunity after your project is completed for the summer, explain the why's and how's of your projects and add some information for the interested users on how to start using your project or where to continue it if needed

The quality of most projects is excellent, hope all of the participants has had an expereince that serves you as a bit of edification for your future work ( in opensource and with ogre ;) )

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