Reviews, surveys and next steps

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Reviews, surveys and next steps

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Hi everyone,

Well, the GSoC is officially over (already!) and we're into review time. I hope everyone had a fun and productive time over the summer, and I equally hope that students will consider staying on and continuing to improve their projects over the coming months, perhaps recruiting others to help them if they'd like (you're allowed to do that now :)) and becoming an established part of the OGRE community. Obviously your mentors will be doing the final reviews on the projects, but from what I can see I think a lot of good work has gone on over the summer and I hope we can maintain that momentum and enthusiasm going forward!

I'll just clarify what happens from here. Mentors will be doing the final reviews between now and the 31st of August, and also students will need to complete a survey indicating how they felt the programme went, what could be improved etc. Information on doing this for everyone involved can be found here: Final Review / Survey Information

Students, do feel free to carry on working on your projects (although you're allowed a breather if you want one ;)). Officially we mentors have to review your code as at the end of 20th August, but CVS handles all that so do feel free to continue to commit improvements. As I said, you also have the freedom to ask other people to jump on board now too. If you want to recruit new people, please let me know - they'll need to agree to the same contributor license agreement you did when you started GSoC.

As for integration of code into the main OGRE branch, after the review period is complete we'll start thinking about how we might organise that - whether the project needs a bit more work first, or whether it can be merged and then develop in the HEAD, etc. We'll do that on a case-by-case basis and probably in your project forum threads, and we'll initially be informed by the outcome of the final mentor review.

You will also need, eventually, to provide Google with your code. To be honest I'm not sure they look at all of it, but legally they have to have it delivered to them. The procedure for doing this is here: How to Submit Code to Google. If you want any tips for how to do this when the time comes (early next month) we can help you organise this.

Thanks to everyone who took part in OGRE's corner of GSoC 2007!

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