Google Summer of Code 2008 is ON

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Google Summer of Code 2008 is ON

Post by sinbad »

Good news, OGRE's been accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2008. :)

Student applications don't start for a few days (see the programme timeline); in the intervening period please would all prospective mentors who have volunteered sign up and join the OGRE organisation. I also urge you to read the great mentoring HOWTO that the GNOME project maintains.

For prospective students, please use this time to think about what you would like to apply for - we have an ideas list but you're free to apply for something else too. Just bear in mind that we'll tend to look favourably on projects that are core to Ogre (and thus can be enjoyed by the greatest audience) rather than add-ons or ancilliary features . Nevertheless the primary consideration is the quality of your application. I recommend reading up on the Advice for Students in preparation.

Finally, if anyone is able to be a backup organisation administrator, in case I have to be out of contact and something needs sorting at an organisation level, please let me know. Chances are you won't have to do anything, but it's a just-in-case thing.

Here's to another great Summer of Code!

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