[GSoC 2008] .:Animation Compression:.

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[GSoC 2008] .:Animation Compression:.

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Animation Compression involve in compression of 3D data so that the size of the work file decease considerably.I prefer use of conventional compression technique which are not used in OGRE but in other 3D softwares to be implemented in OGRE-3D.Post your valuable comments on my GSoC project...

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Can you give more details?

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This is from feature list of CryEngine 2 (page 8):
Hight Quality Animation Compression
Using our adaptive key frame compression technology, we can adjust the compression level to match the fidelity needed for any given animation while saving at least 90% of the RAM the would otherwise be consumed, without significant loss of motion fidelity.
Something like this?

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the deadline for GSoC is already elapsed

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