Google Summer of Code 2008 Students Announced!

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Google Summer of Code 2008 Students Announced!

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Yes, Google have now announced the list of students who have been successful in their applications to the Google Summer of Code 2008. Our 4 students this year are:

Noam Gat (Noman) - Add geometry shader support
Christopher Bowen (LostEra) - Different LOD Strategies
Jacobus Krynauw (nanocell) - OgreCollada
Du Min (westine) - Motion Synthesis based Character Animation

Congratulations to the 4 students who were selected - now of course, the hard work begins! :)

Thanks to all the students who took the time to apply to OGRE. As has happened every year in GSoC, there were additional applications that we would have happily accepted too had we been able to, but at the end of the day we can only accept a certain number each year.

All students will be getting a welcome email from us imminently - the next month is mostly about settling in to the community and getting prepared for when coding is scheduled to begin in late May. Here's to another great Summer of Code!

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