[gsoc2009]need some advice

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[gsoc2009]need some advice

Post by akay »

I decided to participate in gsoc 2009 and started to look for projects which are more suitable for my skills( advanced c++ & openGL )(I have developed some 3d simulation/game projects in the past (one of them: http://abdullahakay.wordpress.com/) ).Then, i submit a proposal(importer/exporter) ,influenced by OGRE gsock 2009 ideas, to OGRE.But OGRE mentours found this project easy.So, i want to ask if you can advice any project suitable for me and acceptable for mentours?

detailed info( known languages and tools ): c, c++, java, c#, php, javascript, asp.net, css, sql, openGL ( game programming), openCV (computer vision), motorola dragon 12 cpu assembly, socket programming, multi - threading-processing, win32 system programming

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Re: [gsoc2009]need some advice

Post by spacegaier »

Many GSoC students in the last years worked on something of this list: http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/HelpRequested
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Re: [gsoc2009]need some advice

Post by tuan kuranes »

Then, i submit a proposal(importer/exporter) ,influenced by OGRE gsock 2009 ideas, to OGRE.But OGRE mentors found this project easy
Subject is not that easy. It's application you're made which is. "ogre import/export for misfit modeler" is at least ... vague, unprecise.

Throwing back one of the proposal as an application is not enough.

You need to deep dive into both Ogre and misfit, to understand the in and out of the subject.
In fact, it's mandatory to do so if you want to give a real detailed, serious schedule, planning needed for an application.

What of Ogre *.mesh, *.skeleton, *.xml, *.scene, *.material, shaders, all that with reuse, grouping, tweaking dialogs and so on ?

Try to sell your application and the project, why misfit modeler support is great for Ogre, how proper Ogre support could help, how you are fit to that task, and so on.
Check previous Ogre gsoc project, "XSI export plugin".
Double post your application here in forums too, here, and you'll get more answers and guidance.

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