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[Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rendering

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:55 am
by jhk482001
sorry that this weekend in Taiwan is the grave-sweeping day, so I'm late to post my proposal.

Project Proposal
  • How will this project benefit OGRE users?
    • The results show that our low-resolution, off-screen rendering can produce significant performance gains.
      It helps to make the cost of particles more scalable, so that frame rate does not plummet in the worst case for overdraw: where a particle system fills the screen. In a real game, this would translate to a more consistent frame rate experience.
  • Is this project within the core scope of OGRE? Project proposals which are 'add ons', such as external applications or highly specialised techniques with only a small audience will be less useful than core features.
    • Yes. Particle effects are ubiquitous in games. Large particle systems have lots of common effects. This solution renders expensive particles to an off-screen render target whose size is a fraction of the frame-buffer size. This can produce huge savings in overdraw, at the expense of some image processing overhead.
  • Is it realistic to achieve over a summer? Extensions and refinements can happen later of course (this is open source after all), but something self-contained and useful should be achieveable within the time you have available.
    • The method mentioned in chapter 23 will of course be achieved with the time of available, and will present it by demo programs.

The plan of accomplishing this project will processing as studying → concluding scenario → concluding test case → concluding use case → release , the define a milestone roughly every week.
  • Road Map → MileStone
    • April 15 ~ May 23 : pre-studying Ogre, and building the Development Environment for testing.
      May 23 ~ May 29 : Release Off-Screen Depth Testing achievement
      May 30 ~ June 5 : Release Acquiring Depth achievement
      June 6 ~ June 19 : Release Downsampling Depth achievement
      June 6 ~ June 12 : Release Point Sampling Depth achievement
      June 13 ~ June 19 : Release Maximum of Depth Samples achievement
      June 20 ~ June 26 : Release The Depth Test achievement
      June 27 ~ July 3 : Release Alpha Blending achievement
      July 4 ~ July 10 : Mixed-Resolution Rendering
      July 10 ~ : write maintain guide

Why You're The Person For This Project
  • Relevant Experience
    • I have been one of the System and Network Management Group of Nation Central University for four years, teaching assistant of two different programming courses. Besides of writing the program in the courses and for specific project, I also have experience of design image processing program, and algorithm achieving.
  • Skill
    • *Languages : C++, C, C#, Java, XML
      *Libraries : .Net Framework2.0 3.0, VCL Framework (BCB) , wxWidgets Framework , XNA 1.0 , OpenGL
      *Operating System : Windows, Linux(Ubuntu...etc), Unix
      *Operating System : DevC++, Code::Blocks, Eclipse, MinGW, VC++, BCB,
      *Project experience in programming with C++
      *Worked on various operating systems and database
      *Work with Agile Method.
  • Cooperation Experience
    • *Participated System and Network Management Group of National Central University for 4 years.
      *Accomplished 5 programming project with partners. How many people in the team are from 2 to 5.
      *Accomplished at least 10 programming or web case with out-school companies.
      *Be the teaching assistant for two courses.
      *Studied Agile Method and practiced it in some case or project. That is use to meeting and release in promise time.
  • Highlight Project Experience
    • Project1 : Little Games
      OS : MS windows
      languages : C#
      libraries : XNA framework
      summary :
      • 1.This project create the several kinds of game and display module. The achievement including an aircraft shooting game, a speedy racing game and the stratagem game module.
        2.To achieve shooting game and racing game, I designed a 2D display module that can create dynamic stages and objects.
        3.In this project I accomplished a stratagem game module, that can create 2D maps, and provide object's on-map moving function.
        4.Another achievement of this project is 3D display module. I successfully create a function for rendering graphics to shape 3D object.
  • Project2 : Image Process Lab
    • OS : MS windows
      languages : C++
      libraries : .NET framework/VCL framework
      summary :
      • 1.The main purpose of this project is to design a programming solution of image processing. For the practicing of image processing, I developed two namespace. The first contains interfaces and classes for different image processing routines, and the second provide different image processing filters class and interface.
        2.To discuss the different result of several process arrangement, I also design a image processing filters scheduler component.
        3.In this project, I designed an algorithm which applied above-mentioned process for recognizing numbers on an image.
        4.Imitate the style of GIMP, I also Practice a MDI UI form for processing multiple case.
  • Other Project Experience
  • Achieving Algorithm:
    • 1.Furrier transform for image processing
      2.number identify:
      3.reducing color:
      4.satellite attitude and status estimate(Runge-Kutta algorithm)
    UI Design and operating:
    • 1. Custom Style UI Components
      2. Panel with alphablend
      3. Visualized Design Process Planning software.
      4. Contour map painting module
    • 1. Chat room client & server
      2. MySQL database client
      3. Line Printer Daemon client & server on windows
      4. GPS Smart Finder
      5. WiMax Application Game
3D display function and the algorithm always interest me since I was a senior high school student. For now I having enough experience and ability to research and develop it, while OGRE, the well-known OO graphics rendering engine take part in Google Soc, I am acquiring the best opportunity to participate in. To strengthen my ability, change my role from user to one of the open source contributor, I think apply to OGRE for the Google SoC is an ideal chooise.

Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rendering

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 12:28 pm
by Assaf Raman
Can you post demos and code of 3d work you have done in the past?

Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rendering

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:01 pm
by jhk482001
To be honest I don't have many 3D programing experience, following image is one of my project's module metioned in proposal "Little game".


Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rendering

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:32 pm
by sinbad
What we're really interested in is seeing some of your code. If you've never worked with Ogre before, please post some other code you've written of a similar level and explain a few details about it.

Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rendering

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:17 pm
by jhk482001

The URL is link to source code of a function of above-mentioned 3D-module, that deal with shader effects with XNA library.

In this project I use c# to program, the detail of it had been annoate in the comments.

if c++ code is proper in this more appropriate here, the following link is the source code of project: "image processing lab"

Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rende

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 8:42 am
by Serje
I am sorry, but...
There is no link to source code. Can you replace this links or sent the sourse code to me by email?
My mail:
ipad application development
Thank you very much, jhk482001.

Re: [Soc 2009]High Speed Particle System of Off-Screen Rende

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 8:50 am
by Assaf Raman
What do you need it for?