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[GSoC 2011] Looking for “Summer of Code 2011″ students!

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:33 pm
by spacegaier
Are you a student? Do you have some weeks of sparetime during the summer? Are you interested in Ogre and always searched for a chance to contribute? Well, guess what: Now is your time!

We are right now looking for some talented and interested people for this year’s “Google Summer of Code 2011” initiave. Honestly, we somehow lack really good ideas what to propose as tasks since many of the items on the general ToDo list are either too big or too small for the given time. So if anyone has either some ideas that might be tackled this year or is willed to participate on Ogre’s behalf this year (or perhaps even both?), we would very much appreciate a comment or thread in our GSoC subforum.

We are hoping for some good ideas and volunteers to once again successfully participate!

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