GSoC 2011 - DX11 implementations

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GSoC 2011 - DX11 implementations

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I am a fourth year master student in Media Technology (which is a computer science master geared towards computer graphics). I am currently based in Norrköping which is a Campus at Linköping University. I am currently taking a course in Advanced Computer Graphics and there I am going to implement a deferred rendering in DX11. I have strong C++ and computer graphics programming skills which I think should be sufficient for this task.

I was very happy when I saw that you requested help on your DX11 pipeline since that is what I am most interested in. My idea was to implement Tessellation (Hull-Shader and Domain-Shader), Multithreaded Rendering (deferred rendering) and demos for these features. My hope is that I will be able to reuse and refine some code from the deferred renderer in my own game engine.

I have not contributed to OGRE before but have used it in a project and I really enjoyed that experience so it would be really cool to help out. :D

I would really like some feedback on the idea and discuss it with someone responsible for these parts. So that I can put together a correct application and direct my research on the subjects.

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Re: GSoC 2011 - DX11 implementations

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