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[GSoC 2012] GPU Gems: Off-Screen Particles

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:32 pm
by marhaban

I know, it is past the deadline, but I already submitted this proposal and forgot/was asked to post this here to see what you think about this idea :)
There is some stuff missing, like the schedule, which I were not able to finish in time (because I just heard about GSoC) but I will add it soon.

Personal Details
Name: Peter
OGRE Forum username: marhaban

Project Proposal
I would like to implement a GPU Gem article, namely "High-Speed, Off-Screen Particles" (cf. "GPU gems 3. Chapter 23. High-Speed, Off-Screen Particles" - ... _ch23.html (external link) )
OGRE will benefit from this through the significant performance gain achieved by the low-resolution rendered particles

I think this project is within the core scope of OGRE. Particles are used in many different situations and can cost a lot of performance. Every gain in speed, especially significant ones as in this case, increase the quality and usability of OGRE.

This seems to be very realistic to achieve over a summer. Unfortunately, I just heard about the GSoC, so I was not able to set up a schedule. In case the mentor thinks that the implementation of this single article is not enough, I am open to tackle another, additional one. Of course, I am going write a schedule for this project.

Why You're The Person For This Project
I think that I am quite qualified for this project. Last year we had a big project (about half a semester just for this) at my university about the animation of trees in a wind field. I was (among other things) responsible for the graphics, which were done using OpenGL4. This experience helped me extending my computer graphic skills as well as my ability to work in teams.

Up to this point, I have not worked with OGRE but I am definitely planning on continuing participating in the development of OGRE after the GSoC.

Well, why did I choose to apply to OGRE? Since the beginning of my interest in the field of computer science and programming I was excited about computer graphics. And OGRE offers the possibility to combine this with the concept of Open-Source.

Re: [GSoC 2012] GPU Gems: Off-Screen Particles

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:39 am
by jacmoe
See this for reference: ... 2&p=424274

I'd like to see this happen - please elaborate!

Maybe a demo with volume fog to showcase the technique? :)