2012 Midterm results

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Assaf Raman
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2012 Midterm results

Post by Assaf Raman »

Congratulation everyone, all have passed.
We are only halfway - lets finish the projects!
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Re: 2012 Midterm results

Post by duststorm »

I'm glad to see everyone passed! :)
Good work guys!
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Re: 2012 Midterm results

Post by Xavyiy »

Congrats to all students!
Keep up the good work!

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Re: 2012 Midterm results

Post by jacmoe »

Great news! :)

No reason for any of the students to rest on laurels, though. ;)
If it weren't for two students pulling themselves together and tend to their projects, we would have seen two passed and two failed - I am glad that we didnt'. :D
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Mind Calamity
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Re: 2012 Midterm results

Post by Mind Calamity »

I'm glad everyone passed, all the projects are great, would have been a shame if some of them failed.

Great job!
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