[GSoC 2013] OpenCL Integration / GPU Gems Demo

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[GSoC 2013] OpenCL Integration / GPU Gems Demo

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I am interested in participating in GSoC 2013 with Ogre3D. This post is not a proposal but a discussion of my ideas. From the ideas list I have selected the following two :
  • 1. Take an article from GPU gems and transfer its demo to OGRE
    2. OpenCL integration
1. Take an article from GPU gems and transfer its demo to OGRE

For this idea I have selected two articles:
  • CHAPTER 21. TRUE IMPOSTORS https://developer.nvidia.com/content/gp ... -impostors
    I have read the article and I think it would be a favorable addition to Ogre3D. This can offer GPU friendly ray tracing scheme that could work with per-pixel displacement mapping. Ray tracing effects such as internal refraction could be achieved. I would like to make a demo in Ogre3D showcasing a scene with densely populated objects using this technique.

    CHAPTER 30. REAL-TIME SIMULATION AND RENDERING OF 3D FLUIDS https://developer.nvidia.com/content/gp ... -3d-fluids
    This is a very interesting article. Usually particle systems are used to simulate 3D Fluids but they are not as realistic. To my knowledge, Ogre3D currently uses particle systems for fluid simulation (I could be wrong). I think real time fluid simulation can give very attractive results.
    GPGPU methods are used for implementing this. To my advantage I have prior OpenCL experience. I have made OpenCL accelerated versions of K-Means clustering and Random Number Generation to demonstrate the abilities of a GPU.
    I am very keen on this idea. Initially I should make an elementary Fluid System and use it to create a demo (something like a waterpark?).
2. OpenCL integration
This idea was mentioned in the ideas list, however I'm not sure what kind of integration is required. I have worked with OpenCL and its C++ bindings, so I'm really interested in doing something for Ogre3D that involves OpenCL. I have only recently started to get acquainted with Ogre3D so I'd like some advice in this direction.

Thank You

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