[GSoC 2015] Kickoff, Planning, Admin & Links

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[GSoC 2015] Kickoff, Planning, Admin & Links

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What is Google Summer of Code?
It's an initiative by Google to encourage contributions & involvement of students in open source communities. Read more about it here. Or google it ;) .

How do I sign up?
Formal registration isn't open yet. This is the page containing the full timeline of the project. The important dates for students are:
  • March 16: Student application period opens.
  • March 27: Student application deadline.
What do I do until then?
Discuss and suggest. This forum is for talking about potential ideas. Pretty much all of the projects that we chose have had preceding discussions in this forum. Its a good idea to get in-depth before submitting the proposal. Consider looking at previous years GSoC project threads to see how they worked.

What should my application look like?
If you are interested in participating this year and qualify according to Google's admission rules, feel free to create a new thread in this forum section. Please use "[GSoC 2015]" as the thread title prefix and base your post on the Application Template from our wiki.
If you want to see how a finished application might look like, you can see the Ogre GSoC wiki section and browse the project threads here in the forum that were accepted over the years.

How do I submit my proposal to Google?
See this GSoC 2015 FAQ chapter. Before sending it to Google, it is best to discuss in here in the forums first!

Project Ideas
We are hoping to once again find a group of capable and motivated students that will help us move Ogre even further. In order to guide this effort, we created a list of potential GSoC projects that we deem most relevant for this year and consider manageable in the given GSoC time frame: GSoC 2015 Project Ideas. There is also a dedicated idea discussion thread that might yield further insights and ideas.

Depending on the amount of slots we receive and the number of promising projects, we will designate team members as mentors. The final student <--> mentor list will be posted here once it becomes available.

- Matias <dark_sylinc> Goldberg
- Murat <wolfmanfx> Sari

Backup Mentors:
- David <masterfalcon> Rogers

Links & Admin Note: This page will get updated as new information becomes available.
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