[News] No GSoC 2015 for Ogre

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[News] No GSoC 2015 for Ogre

Post by spacegaier »

Unfortunately, we were not selected as an GSoC 2015 organization. If you are interested in what organizations were, you can have a look at the complete list here: https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org ... e/gsoc2015

This however does not render the project ideas void, so if you are interested in one of them, feel free to tackle it nonetheless. For a detailed discussion upfront create a forum thread to get the community engaged.

The only exception would probably be the D3D11 RS: Mathias reported that he is actually making very good progress in that area already: Hlms works, the v2 interfaces work, unlit shaders are working. Even the first test with PBS are showing up: https://twitter.com/matiasgoldberg/stat ... 4513372161
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