Mogre3D on the Belgian Community Day 2012

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Mogre3D on the Belgian Community Day 2012

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I've been selected as one of the few that can speak at the Belgian Community Day on May 3rd.

Since I have a wildcard to do so, I've chosen to do a session on MOGRE3D.

I've been using ( trying to use ) Mogre for the last year or so, and has become my number one favourite hobby of all time.
I've been modeling with 3D Studio since the DOS version, and been dreaming of making my own game since animals could speak :wink:

The session will be about 45min~1Hour and will contain some of the following topics
- [M]Ogre3D
- C#
- 3D Studio Max
- OgreMax
- DirectX
- and other..

So if you are interested and in the neighbourhood, please attend the Community Day! It is a free event!

Official url :

Any extra topics ideas etc.. is off course more than welcome :)

Any support is more than welcome, and maybe I'll see you guys there


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Re: Mogre3D on the Belgian Community Day 2012

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it was today wasn't it?

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